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Organize local activities to address National Children of Alcoholics Week, held annually in conjunction with Valentine's Day. Develop a press release to announce the ways you are working to prevent underage drinking in the community. For ideas, contact the National Association for Children of Alcoholics at 1-888-554-2627.
Calls to Action
Form a Youth Advisory Task Force to determine the number of positive, alcohol-free social activities for young people in your community. Partner with local businesses (including fast food restaurants, book, video and music stores, movie theaters, skating rinks, bowling alleys and miniature golf courses) for alcohol-free youth events and promotions. Help youth plan, organize, and secure sponsorship for these activities.
Calls to Action
Write a letter for a local parenting magazine, Teacher Association newsletter, or faith community bulletin encouraging adults in their community to watch TV, attend concerts, and go to the movies with young people. Encourage them to use these experiences to share their feelings about how drinking is portrayed and talk with their youth about the real consequences of alcohol use.
Calls to Action
Alcohol Awareness Month. Alcohol-Free Weekend, takes place on the first weekend of April. Your church may devote an issue of their bulletin or newsletter to underage drinking and allow use of the facilities for alternative youth activities, mentoring programs, parent training, stress management seminars, healthy lifestyles workshops, and substance abuse prevention education sessions.
Calls to Action
Organize an outreach effort to enlist parents'support of alcohol-free proms and graduation parties. Encourage parents to hold informal discussions with their children about the physical effects of alcohol and why alcohol is illegal for those under 21. May 3rd is SAMHSA's National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day
May 2nd is National Day of Prayer
Alcohol and Other Drug Related Birth Defects Awareness Week (May 8-14). World No Tobacco Day is held every year on May 31st.
Calls to Action
Speak out of your concerns about the effects of alcohol. Talk to someone at church about giving a sermon on the harm of underage alcohol use, the power of parents' influence in preventing substance abuse, the impact of untreated family alcoholism on children, and the spiritual alternatives of providing safe activities for young people.
Calls to Action
Girl Power! is a national education campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help encourage and empower girls to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs and to be physically active through positive activities. Coordinate a Girl Power! day in your community. Invite adult female role models to talk with the girls about the importance of making healthy life decisions. Hold workshops on topics such as substance abuse, nutrition, physical activity, positive relationships, and goal setting. 
Calls to Action
Boy Power! day in your community. Invite adult male role models to talk with the boys about the harmful effects of alcohol on underage youth. Encourage coaches and others working with boys to talk to them on a regular basis about substance abuse.
Calls to Action
National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month
Contact the church where you belong to see if you can hold a prayer vigil for youths and their families in your community who have been harmed by underage drinking. Religious groups can have an "Amnesty Day/Week" at their houses of praise for youth who need help but are too embarrassed to ask for it. Referrals can be provided confidentially and without fear of reprisal.
Calls to Action
Find the people in your community who are involved with National Red Ribbon Week 23-31 or call the National Family Partnership at 1-800-705-8997 or visit the Website at Make plans to motivate adults and youth to reduce substance abuse.
Calls to Action
Thanksgiving-New Year's Day
Tie One On For Safety Campaign
Contact: MADD at 1-800-623-3435.
Join the American Smokeout, starting November 15th. Visit the website at for info.
Calls to Action
National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. Encourage local reporters to interview teenagers who have been in impaired driving crashes, either as drivers or victims and write a story about how it changed their lives.