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   Let's Talk Marriage


Pre-marital counseling is for


couples  that choose to engage


in it when they ordinarily do not


have a problem, or have not yet


recognized it. Nothing is more


promising than experiencing your


mutual love in the  form of open,


honest, caring, communication in


mind and heart. It is the surest path


to a marriage that is solid, lasting,


and happy. It is a good idea to talk


with a priest, pastorminister, rabbi,


or competent person for marriage 


preparation materials.


A good marriage consists of a


lifelong growth in unity of mind,


body, and spirit. 


Christians view marriage as a deep


personal covenant between a man


and woman for the greater good that


makes for human community instead


of human chaos.


Compatibility is a wonderfully 


creative quality that you build 


together that gives true meaning


to the ancient promise of God:


" the two shall become as one flesh"

                                  (Genesis 2:24)       


Couples preparing for marriage may


promise a dedication or a renewal of


their relationship with God. A


marriage needs mutual prayer to


prepare for the brightest and the


darkest times of life that are surely


coming. Couples that hold hands


and pray together most often stay


together. Prayers thanking God for


life, food, and the love that holds


them together. In the marriage vows


a promise is made to each other


"till death do us part."


A good prayer to say together:


Blessed God, prepare us for a life


together that will please you, and


bless us, so we may serve others. We


ask your grace upon our marriage


and these days preparing. We thank


you for the promise of your Holy


Spirit to unite us with your love in


mind, body, and spirit now and in


the years to come. Amen                           

 Tina Cadd Facebook