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Ways to Witness
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1. Start an outreach bible study for the purpose of inviting lost friends.

2. Have a "block party" in your neighborhood to share your faith.

3. Send a letter to a lost friend with the goal of sharing the gospel. Give a friend a bible as a gift. Or give a subscription to a Christian magazine.

4. When doing business at your local service station or bank, give a tract to the service persons.

5. When eating at a restaurant, leave a tract with your tip.

6. Offer to assist your neighbors in some special task they are attempting to do and take the time to witness to them.  

7. Start a Sunday afternoon Christian service at a local nursing home. Share the gospel.

8. Ask to start a Sunday school class at your church for the purpose of inviting prospects who have shown an interest in church.  

9. Participate in a New Testament distribution in a local neighborhood. Include a response card for follow-up.

10. Leave tracts, scripture, bibles, and information about Christianity on your desk at work and let your coworkers know they are available for them to read.

11. Distribute tracts in public areas. Place a phone # and church address on it.

12. Make special plans to visit lost relatives and witness to them.

13. Start a weekend backyard bible club for children in your neighborhood. Give the plan of salvation in your activities.

14. Have a pizza party at your home for a youth group. Have a special bible study or speaker share how to become a Christian.

15. Send a Christian greeting card to a friend. Write a note of encouragement and include a tract. Share your personal experience with Jesus.

16. Start a women's afternoon tea for neighbors and friends. Share your faith. 

17. Give an unsaved friend a CD or cassette of Christian music as a gift.   

18. Bake a cake or fix a meal for a new neighbor or ill person. Leave them a tract. Share your testimony and visit on a regular basis.

19. Have a Saturday neighborhood fellowship at your home and show the video Jesus. Share the gospel with your neighbors.

20. Leave Christian magazines or tracts at hospital's or doctor's waiting rooms.

21. Watch the newspaper for those who are in crisis or those with blessings and send them a note along with an appropriate tract.  

22. Give Valentine cards to friends with the gospel message of God's love. 

23. Have a Super Bowl party and invite your unsaved friends. After the game or during half time, share the gospel with them.

24. When your friends have a baby, give a gift, a children's bible.

25. Invite an unsaved friend to a Christian concert. 

26. When paying your bills, include a gospel tract with your payments.

27. Leave tracts in the room, during an overnight stay at a motel.

28. Leave tracts at work in the coffee break room or near the water cooler.

29. Participate in a prison revival and witness.

30. When shopping at a mall, leave tracts near sitting areas.

31. Invite your friends at church to help you conduct a door-to-door religious survey in your neighborhood. Take time to witness to those you interview.

32. If you own a business put up a tract rack in a prominent place. Provide free bibles and Christian literature.

33. When visiting the barber/beauty shop, leave tracts and Christian magazines in the waiting area.

34. When teaching a Sunday school lesson, make a special effort to have unsaved friends present.

35. Volunteer to coach a boys or girls baseball, basketball, or football team. Invite them to your church and Sunday school.

36. Serve as a Sunday school teacher, discipleship training teacher, or youth leader or sponsor to serve and visit with unsaved persons and witness.

37. When you are on your coffee break at work, take the time to invite your co-workers to church and share your faith.

38. Get permission to set-up a telephone outreach ministry at your church, and share the gospel.

39. Lead your church to start a food bank and free clothing shop to help those less fortunate. Be sure to allow this to be an Evangelistic ministry and share the gospel with them.       

40. If someone you know is experiencing grief over the death of a loved one, remind him or her that Jesus gives us hope during our time of loss.